I'm an easy-going, freelance photographer with over 40 years' experience specializing in wildlife imagery; reptiles and amphibians have been a favorite subjects most of that time.  I'm a friendly and jovial man who dresses casually and works on digital projects in my home office and studio.  I'll also come to you to photograph whatever you have in mind.  You'll appreciate the perfection I always strive for in my 'fun time' pursuits because it carries over to the work I'll do for you.

I've photographed weddings, pets, cars, homes, boats, flowers, stamp and coin collections, and lots of scenery for friends over the years.  The skills I've honed shooting animals, especially very small ones, has made me familiar with the intricacies of macro (close-up) work that many people do not possess the patience or correct equipment to record clearly.  My images have graced 100s of books, magazines, calendars, and websites since the 1970s. 

I shoot high quality digital images with the top Nikon camera gear.  I can accurately photograph any subject down to the size of a penny in super high-resolution for crisp, clear enlargements, and get it done and back to you fast

If you need a competent photographer for work at your location, please contact me to discuss your needs and my rates.  I'm usually available in the Phoenix, Arizona area at my western abode.

I'm also a graphic designer.  I use Photoshop and Lightroom, the premier programs for post-processing of images, to meet your exacting needs.  I've designed display ads, business cards, logos, etc. for friends and organizations for over 20 years.  I can easily work on and adjust your project purely via email.

Please peruse some samples of my work:


 Lisa and the girls, 1000.jpg (184041 bytes) Photography Samples

Dasha mug, cleaned up.jpg (174548 bytes) Restoration / Retouching Samples.

BIZ CARD - Turtle Tech.jpg (117880 bytes) Graphic Design Samples

Bill Love, on airboat.jpg (102775 bytes) Filming Assistance  -  Local 'Fixing' & Wildlife Supplier

  2014 ReptileMania Photo Seminars --- Phoenix (Scottsdale), Arizona



Bill Love Photography 

  Apache Junction, Arizona  &  Alva, Florida           

 Tel #s:  (480) 646-1297    or    (239) 464-6642

Please leave a message if you miss me.



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