Filming Assistance  /  Local 'Fixing' & Wildlife Supplier

I have worked in the film industry as a 'fixer' - the guy who arranges locales, extras, wildlife, transportation, lodgings, etc. in my region.  I've appeared on camera as a reptile expert too.  I can assist your next film project with all these details, plus (if desired) inject creative ideas to enhance the project.

Recent scenes I was involved in filming reptile-related scenes (my specialty) for include Nat Geo Wild TV and the Outdoor Life Network.  The older shot at the bottom is from working years ago with a South African film crew in the non-U.S. country I'm most familiar with --- Madagascar....


Me assisting Canadian film producer / director Peter Rowe.


In the Florida Everglades filming the capture of a Burmese python.


Recreated scene of a python invading suburbia from a southern Florida canal.


Creating interesting graphics with a monitor lizard on green screen.


Director Mike Morrow and 'Alien Invaders' TV series hosts Kristen Martyn and Ryan Bolton and the exotic veiled chameleons we found in the wild in Southwest Florida.


Photographing an eastern diamondback rattlesnake up close.


Paddleboarding with a large crocodile in the Everglades.


Me getting a cameraman close to the action.


Photographing me, a Florida snake expert, during the filming of an episode of the upcoming Nat Geo Wild TV series "Shane Untamed".


Wrangling a huge chameleon in the forests of Madagascar.


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